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White Hills Resort


When does White Hills Resort typically open?
Our opening date changes each year and is entirely dependent on weather and snow conditions. In recent seasons we’ve started sliding around the middle of January, although we’ll always open earlier if there’s snow to ski.

When does White Hills Resort typically close?
Usually in the first week of April. Like opening day, closing can be earlier or later depending on weather and snow.

What days of the week is White Hills Resort open?
Weather permitting, lifts run Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm (base area facilities open at 8:00am). The decision to open or close on any day is usually made by 6:30am after a weather and snow assessment.

Why aren’t you open every day of the season?
White Hills Resort is a community owned, not-for-profit ski area. Our schedule is based on the wants of skiers and riders. We’re closed on Monday and Tuesday because history shows that very few people come on those days.

Why doesn’t snowmaking start earlier?
Snowmaking is a science and many elements have to line up to maximize output. At White Hills Resort wind direction (which determines humidity) is just as important as temperature. Typically, we need -5c or colder to allow snowmaking, but even at those temperatures if the humidity is too high production can be limited. Mother Nature calls the shots.

Do you groom all trails on the hill?
We regularly groom about 50% of skiable terrain, but leave steeper trails untouched for more experienced skiers and riders. Ungroomed trails will close if snow conditions make them unsafe to ski.

Does White Hills Resort have night skiing?
Not at this time. Existing lighting at the top of the hill doesn’t meet modern safety standards.

What does it cost to ski and ride? 
We have pricing tailored to all ages and abilities including full-day and half-day rates for adults, youth, families and groups. For more info check out Lift Tickets & Rentals and Snow School Programs.

Does White Hills Resort have options for family groups?
Yes. We are pleased to offer season pass options for a family of three and a family of four. Please check the rates under Lift Tickets & Rentals.

Can I rent skis / snowboard equipment?
Yes. Our Rental Shop has a great selection of Head skis, snowboards, boots, poles and helmets. We also have cross-country skis and snowshoes for rent. If you need equipment, we suggest that you come early in the day (especially on Saturday) as some sizes are limited. Please check the rates under Lift Tickets & Rentals.

Can I get ski / snowboard instruction?
Yes. We have a team of instructors with CSIA ski and CASI snowboard certification. Please check out our Snow School Programs for more information.

Can I get food and drinks at the resort?
Yes. We operate a full food and beverage service in our Day Lodge.

Can I bring my own food and drink to eat in the Day Lodge?
Yes, but please be respectful of fellow guests. Stay only as long as you need to eat and warm up, clear your area, and then move on so others can enjoy the space too. Bags and other items left on unoccupied tables will be moved.

Please note that Newfoundland and Labrador liquor licensing laws mean you cannot bring your own alcoholic beverages and consume them on resort. Head to Tips Up where the beer is cold and the fridge full.