New Guidelines for All Guests due to Covid-19

• All guests will be asked for Contact Tracing information upon arrival at the hill.

• With limited capacity in the lodge, we ask that our guests boot up in their vehicle and leave all lunches and belongings in their vehicle. Only food and drink purchased from the Cafeteria & Bar will be permitted inside the Day Lodge. Any boxed lunches may be eaten in our Lunch Room with a View above the Rental Shop or in your vehicle. Please keep inside nutrition breaks to a minimum to ensure fair access to all.

• Please ensure that all guests are appropriately dressed for the temperature & weather – be prepared for line-ups that are outside. Lift ticket purchases will be at our Outside Ticket Windows near Rental Shop.

• Only those renting equipment will be permitted inside access to Rental Shop.

• Masks and face coverings will be required at all times both inside and outside the Lodges (except when seated at a table to eat/drink).

• Please use our sanitizing stations situated around the facility to keep everyone safe this season.

• We ask that guests not come to White Hills if they are feeling unwell.

• COVID Screening Assessment may be required prior to entry.